Coming soon....
      Transformational Workshops


designed to expand our awareness, develop our thinking, and open our hearts through dialogue, individual and group exercises, and community bonding.

Connect deeply with others on a similar path.

Access your inner wisdom.

Open your heart and learn to live from that space.

Experience what it means to be Authentic.

Learn to embrace more perspectives.

  Coming soon....
       Transformational Improv Classes.
             For actors and non-actors.

Laugh and Play Improv games that build Self-Awareness, confidence, and empathy within a tight knit community of supportive classmates.

Laugh and Learn Improv techniques, developing interpersonal skills.

Laugh and practice being in front of people with less and less anxiety and more Presence.

Laugh and Learn to access parts of yourself you never knew were there, giving you more energy and a greater range of life choices.

Laugh and learn to BE in the moment, out of your head and into your trusting heart.

Keep checking in to find out when, where, and all the details.


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