Inward & Upward is a 40 day coursebook in learning to live a fully
engaged life beyond ego. Simple exercises, short meditations, and
powerful questions have been designed to move you into the full
experience of each day's topic. The book works both sides of the
brain, all levels of being, in all areas of your life in order to facilitate
a permanent up-shift in consciousness - from lack to wholeness
- resulting in a life filled with greater joy, purpose, and connectedness.

Experience greater Self-Acceptance, Self-Compassion, and Self-Trust.
Surge into higher levels of energy and vitality.
Release knawing resentments and judgments and experience inner
   and outer harmony in all areas of your life.
Move into direct alignment with your Soul's purpose

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"If you are looking to awaken to a greater dimension of reality and to develop tools for living on that basis, Kurt Christiansen's Inward & Upward can be a great practical journey for you to take. From the opening pages Kurt is very honest about who he is and who he isn't, and makes no claims to ultimate truths. I love his compassion and the gentleness of this step-by-step approach. What he provides is, literally, a 40+ day journey into a deeper encounter with who you are and how to integrate your life with similar honesty and realness. Start today, stay with this "coursebook," and I believe when you're done you'll have found much of value here and much to celebrate in your deeper, more profound participation in life."
--Saniel Bonder, founder of Waking Down in Mutuality, co-creator of HEARTgazing™, author, Healing the Spirit/Matter Split

"Kurt's book starts with a statement about where he found himself, and where many of us find our selves: discontent to some degree, but with a knowing that things can be better, and maybe already are. His book offers practical wisdom gleaned from earnest, courageous investigation and practice. The book is not just information though; he calls it a "Coursebook", with a lesson and an exercise a day for 40 Days. His unique writing style and the unusual formatting of the book gives each line more emphasis and elegance and encourages us to digest and apply as we read. Doing these readings and exercises did bring me Inward to greater awareness and peace, while also raising me Upward to better engage my highest best intentions and opportunities in the world."
Abe Kmetovic, CA

"This book is truly a gem. It will guide you through a personal journey leaving you feeling increasingly blessed as you realize that the peace, higher truth, and wisdom you seek - is you."
Brian Clark, CA

"I love your book Inward & Upward. I enjoy the probing questions because I get to go deeper inside myself exploring these questions in an active way. I find that when I am consistent with reading your book i feel more expansive, loving, and connected to the present moment. I am grateful for your clarity and the rhythm in which you wrote this book."
Sherie Wylie, CA

"Inward and Upward has helped me so much in my continued journey toward upliftment. I have found the exercises key to really anchoring the learnings and living deeper in the lessons. Thank you, Kurt, for assisting me to say YES to so much more of life!!!!!!"
Natalie Reichman, CA

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