The Crisis Intervention Manual
is now being used in over
60 Crisis Lines across the country!

Including Contact Centers, The Samaritans, 2-1-1,
AAS approved lines, and many others.

  Imagine holding a training where your volunteers and staff are enthused about the reading material! A training where the counseling and therapeutic communication skills are sinking in deeper and faster. The Trainees feel inspired to help others and motivated to learn more about how to be more empathetic and loving people in their day to day lives. All this resulting in the community receiving a better service.      
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People love the Crisis Intervention Manual because it is an easy read and goes deeper into understanding ourselves and others, which keeps the material personally relevant throughout.

Reading this book will help people:

Learn how to handle every type of call with empathy and confidence utilizing simple, yet effective models and methods.

Learn why these problems occur and how to respond, using clearly explained examples that teach skills in action

Increase self-awareness through an abundance of self-directed exercises designed to expand consciousness of one’s feelings and judgments that can get in the way of being an effective helper.

Build confidence in one’s self as a helper through combining all the above factors - creating authentic experiences for both listeners and callers.

Try it out with a group of trainees and see the results first hand.

    "My words can not do justice to the great amount of time, energy, and passion poured into creating this manual. What is different from all other helpline training manuals that I have seen thus far, is that it really tries to have the trainee examine themselves and their own issues. Also, it incorporates a deeper understanding of psychology that has a spiritual twist to it. This fits with me, as I believe when we are helping others, this is spiritual work."

Jill Ordonez, LMSW
Samaritans Suicide Prevention Center Albany, NY


• Basic Counseling Skills
• Exercises in Self Awareness in order to deepen empathy and release judgments.
• The techniques of clear communication
• How to handle specific types of callers
• Information about specific types of calls
• Why certain problems and Crisis occur in society
• Suggestions toward prevention of these problems
• Resources and referrals on how to help


All chapters cover these Basic Skills:



"I have amassed quite a library of crisis intervention literature, and I find this manual to be the most informative and useful for staff training of my entire collection."

Miriam Rivera
Director of Crisis Services SAM, Inc.
Reading, PA

"Our trainees' skills as well as their warmth and compassion have improved tremendously since we started using this manual. We accept a significantly higher number of volunteers onto our line now."

Elana Pesso
Training Director, CSUN HelpLine Northridge, CA

Active Listening
Open Ended Questions
Opening a Call
Wrapping up a call

Voice Tone
Getting The Big Picture
I Messages
Problem Solving

Warning: Reading this Manual may result in raising individual and social consciousness, creating significant ripple effects throughout the world.

  Each Chapter covers all the Basic Skills of Counseling, Active Listening and Therapeutic Communication. And then gives clear examples of these skills in action with every type of call situation -  
Death and Dying
Sex and Sexuality

Child Abuse
Difficult Callers
Mental Illness
Abusive Callers
Domestic Violence

Includes hard-hitting information often left out of other manuals that will really stretch your volunteers awareness and empathy.

"Kurt Christiansen's Crisis Intervention Manual has become like a bible for me, serving as the most coveted reference I continually turn to for guidance in my interactions with others both professionally as well as personally. Kurt's keen knowledge of human behavior and the most salient methods to foster healing and enhance positive self-regard is conveyed in his beautifully designed and inspirational manual, allowing the reader to easily understand and practice these proven techniques. Additionally, the magnificent quotes from some of the great pioneers of psychotherapy that Kurt has chosen to include, provide valuable learning from those who have gone before. I could not be without it!"
Evie Meyer
Van Nuys, CA

"I was very impressed with the amount of useful information presented. It was easy to read and clear. I would highly recommend any crisis hotline to use this manual as a teaching tool."
Edward Subega
Clinical Lead
Suicide and Crisis Services of Santa Clara County, CA

"This compilation has the capability of enhancing lives and saving some, too."
D. Lynn Sorrell
Executive Director
Northeast TN, Inc.

"An excellent piece of work!"

Jane Lindquist
Training Manager
Samaritans of Greater Boston

Gender Roles


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I feel very confident that this book will truly benefit you, your organization, your volunteers, and most importantly - the community.

Let’s help this world get to the next level in
understanding and caring.


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