Some call it
the Life Force.


  This energy is the same everywhere in all directions and it is beyond space and time.  
        Our memories,
                  creative ideas,
                                      and intuition
                                                        all come from the Zero Point energy field.

Our bodies and minds are but a packet of pulsating energy, constantly interacting with this field.

Zero Point Communication
is connecting with this energy consciously.

Relating with ourselves from this higher awareness knowing that
We are this field.
Relating to others and the world knowing
They are this field.
And even more significantly, at this level,
We are Them.
We are all manifestations of this One energy force.

A moment between two people in mutual recognition of this truth
can be a deeply moving experience.


The world needs us now more than ever.
It is our choices, right now
                          and right now
                          and right now
that will determine our fate and our future.

No one is coming to clean up our mess.
Our lives are up to us.
Each one of us.
One person at a time – waking up and doing our part.

We are all an integral part of what is unfolding.



But this is only a possibility. A possibility that requires us to take responsibility and shift our awareness, our thinking, our identity, and how we live our lives in order for it to become a reality.

Transformation first requires us to be open and willing to see ourselves, others, and the world in a whole new way. We are becoming aware that we are becoming aware. We open to other perspectives to gain a bigger picture that holds a greater depth of truth.

As we open up to deeper and wider perspectives, our thinking processes change. We can suspend our judgments and limiting assumptions/beliefs. Right and wrong soon get grayed into what works and what doesn’t work given our deepest Soul-Centered values. We are more able to see what is and discern what wants to emerge. Most notably, we recognize our interconnectedness – with everyone and everything.

Our idea of who we are shifts from believing we are separate beings here to survive and procreate to a knowing that we are One with everything. We realize that we are more than our ego, more than our body, more than our mind and personality. At the core – we are all One. There is no separation. From this perspective, Love, Peace, Freedom, and Fullness are not outside of us - something we need to get, earn, or hold onto – but rather something we are.

When we become aware that everything and everyone is interconnected, we realize that what we do to another we do to ourselves – both positive and negative. Everything affects the whole and we are a part of the whole. We take responsibility, not blame, for everything in our experience – our feelings, the thoughts we hold, and our actions. No one can make us upset or happy. It is our choice. We also take responsibility for doing our part in the unfolding of what wants to emerge in the world – higher levels of complexity and cooperation, deeper levels of communication and care, and of course, greater awareness of who we really are and what we are becoming.

How we live our lives
As we become more aware of who we really are, we can no longer act, think, and feel the way we once have. Our values change. We recognize we have a choice to live a deeper, more fulfilling and meaningful life, aligned with evolution and what is emerging. We embody this new level of consciousness and act upon the change the world needs done. Our lives take on a learning orientation and our seeking turns to serving and co-creating the conditions for this emergence. We become Present, listening and seeing from our hearts, and are moved by a larger purpose that serves the growth and development of all beings.

It begins with One.


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